There Is A Genocide in Gaza

There Is A Genocide in Gaza

The Palestinian people are being eradicated by Israeli forces, not to protect the Israeli people, but to end the process of occupation that Israel has been committed to since 1948.

Yes, Hamas fired rockets at Israel. There is a long history between Israel and Hamas, part of which was funded by Benjamin Netanyahu himself, but the heart of the issue is Israel’s response: the absolute and outright slaughter of thousands, tens of thousands, and possibly more Palestinians, including Palestinian Jews for those who think this has anything to do with anti-Semitism.

There is no excuse for this. We are watching a genocide happen in real-time, by a fascist government using Judaism as a cover for unrepentant brutality against men, women, and children who have not caused anyone harm except to be imprisoned in an open air concentration camp, which is what Palestinians have experienced for decades.

I will lose friends over this. I know it, and honestly, I can live with it, because right now I am numb watching live feeds of Palestinians being bombed to death. I have seen the pictures of babies bodies in rubble, I have received messages from Palestinian friends who don’t know if they will survive the week, and I stand with my Jewish friends and associates calling for an end to this genocide of the Palestinian people.

You can say Hamas is wrong, and you can say that Israel has gone so far overboard as to step into a mindset of evil, just as horrendous as the goose stepping Nazis who tried to destroy the Jewish people (along with Romani, LGBTQ+, and others) so many decades ago.

Never again.
Never again for anyone.

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