Abiding Eos

Abiding Eos

I have an idea about what I want to do next.
I’d like a forum for leftists.

I mean a place for socialists of all stripes: Democratic Socialism, Marxism, Anarchism, et. al., to come and talk without interference from moderators. Certainly, there are a few spaces where socialists can talk, but they’re almost always governed by people who have a vested interest in maintaining a corporate atmosphere and always willing to pull the rug out from under people as soon as things get unfavorable for them (Reddit immediately comes to mind).

A place for real, intersectional leftists, where black, indigenous, LGBTQIA+ folks aren’t the exception. Where you can proudly talk about Thomas Sankara, Malcolm X, Eugene Debs, Friedrich Engels, and other left thought leaders and activists without having to deal with your sentiments being shadowbanned *cough*Twitter*cough* because you’re saying something anti-capitalist.

Where you can say these things. Where I can say these things. Not calls for systemic violence but calls for humanity, for dealing with the material needs of others in practical ways. We could create networks of mutual aid programs, build each other up, protect each other, feel safe around each other, relax, talk about whatever we wish from the sincere to the absurd.

I would like to do these things. So I will be looking into this. I will probably keep the domain name, too, because it would represent something new. No longer would I be waiting for my own personal dawn, but the dawn of a better drive for empathy, that light passed amongst ourselves, and shared with others around the world.

It may work out, it may fail, it may do nothing at all but sit there, but I think it’s worth the effort.

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