In Memoriam: Margaret Wander Bonanno

In Memoriam: Margaret Wander Bonanno

Margaret, you were such a good friend. There were times when we’d be at loggerheads over some idea upon which we disagreed, bicker back and forth about it for days via instant message, and then just laugh at each other because at the end of the day it didn’t really matter, because we genuinely cared for each other, and for every other person on this great big little world.

It was often quoted by you, when someone passed on, a line from John Donne’s “No Man Is An Island.”

“Every man’s death diminishes me,” you would say, and now I am greatly diminished. All of the fun we had talking, getting to know each other, just as personalities, minds trapped on each end of a fiber optic cable, but it still felt just as real as any friendship. I said it, I say it, I will say it again, you will be sorely missed, my dear friend.

Now, friend, you’re off to touch the stars, and I wouldn’t dream of keeping you back from that journey even for a moment.

The Goddess’ speed, Garamet.

Sincerely and with every blessing,

Margaret Wander Bonanno

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