Cold Preparedness

Cold Preparedness

Christmas in July? It could happen! With the increasingly turbulent weather patterns we’re seeing across the country, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to make certain you’re quite ready should you have to bundle yourself warmly, as if winter were approaching any moment.

What to do if the temperature outside your front door drops precipitously? Let’s see:

Firstly, always prepare beforehand by knowing what the temps are outside before leaving.

A Guide To Winterizing Your Work Day
Keeping your home warm all year round

If you can help a friend dress warmly, please do so. Here are some ways where you can check on your friends to make sure they have adequate clothing for colder temperatures:

The Lighthouse App

Remember, we have to look out for one another. You never know when a blizzard could come upon us. It’s wise to take precautions.


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