Bluntly Euphemistyness

Bluntly Euphemistyness

Looking down,
looking up,
the argument’s not credible that
you’re pleading on your knees
and they think you’re on a pedestal.
When you find that
Delirious devotees
of matching ideology,
deign to announce the findings
of their armchair psychology.

We don’t want to say this
but we orate anyway,
the experiences you have
do not match the words we say.
A hesitance
most reticent,
but plying on we must,
engage self-conscious
empathy inside a golden crust.

The schism is a prism
in a lofty floating city,
raining down on rocky soil,
a marvel of benignity.
Not a water from the clouds
that draws from lake and river,
the best consideration you’ll receive
is streaming from the giver.

John Allen

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