An Incantation For 2019

An Incantation For 2019

Blessed Be
The children, the hungry,
the poor, and the meek.
The desperate souls who have nowhere to turn.

Blessed be the cold, the tired, the weak.
The myriad hearts who sleep when awake.

Water, oh water,
fall to the Earth,
touch the tongues of the thirsty and lost.
Save them from the heat of scorn and derision,
let their hearts lead them back to the flock.

Time, brother Time, tempus, Grandfather, doting,
take away all of their pain.
Leave memories fond, and traces of love,
so that they might live once again.

Fatten the calves, make peace with the moth,
govern the grain with wisdom sought,
from the least of these and the greatest that was,
and give to them all that you’ve brought from your heart.

Compass, thy compass,
Stay true to your home, but do not neglect your past.
Let us hold hands, hold hearts, hold souls,
that we should hold peace and hold fast.

Blessings to the new year.
May it be fruitful and joyous,
and may all partake in its bounty.

Blessed be.

Love from Amaris

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