Water Child

Water Child

“Don’t take away. Only add.”

This message came to me today, and I’ve been mulling over it. It was more than a little bit of inspired communion between myself and the Goddess. She called me a water child, and told me that the destinies we think we are shaping are not truly something we can control, but only offer us the illusion of control.

Corruption cannot be removed, it can only be replaced by love. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so there must be something to replace negativity. Humans don’t work so much like vessels that can be emptied and refilled, with nothing to fill them in-between. We require constant fulfillment, and so to remove something without replacing it is to cause undue suffering.

It is in that way that while love cannot be corrupted, it can be replaced by corruption, and in doing so it can become trapped in a vessel that has been corrupted, much like a fine wine kept in a container of poison oak leaves.

I’ve been communing with Arca on and off today as a result. Oh, and where did I receive this communion? Why, in the shower, of course. 

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