The Moon On My Finger

The Moon On My Finger

I purchased a ring. I love rings, but I generally don’t buy jewelry, because as a caregiver I need to keep my hands, especially my fingers, free of anything that might get in the way should I need to act quickly in an emergency. It’s also impractical because I’m often wearing medical gloves, washing my hands, and generally dealing with unpleasant things that would damage the ring anyway, and might even hurt the person I’m caring for, and I definitely do not want that.
That being said, I actually purchased a ring. I don’t know when I’ll get to wear it, but it called to me. Yeah, that sounds silly, but it did. I was just browsing Amazon, what I call wishbooking (means I look but don’t get to buy), and I saw it. I passed it up a dozen times before coming back to it each time. It felt special. Something about it felt right. The price, I have to admit, was ridiculously cheap, and just to be safe I checked the reputation of the seller (which was excellent). After some hesitation, I bought it. I don’t buy things for myself, in general, because there is so much better use for that money, but this felt like a heart purchase. I had to buy it. Something in me called to it, and it responded. I know that sounds romantic/delusional/silly, but that’s how I work sometimes.
The ring is .925 silver, will not stain, and as long as I keep it stored away in a little airtight baggy (which came with it), will not tarnish with proper care. It has a stone, a Moonstone, in the center. The ring itself has Moon sigils, and filigree work. It has a solid heft to it, and I love it. I’m glad I ordered a size 13, because I couldn’t remember my size, and so I took a guess. As you can see, it fits on the middle finger, so my ring finger is probably a little smaller, but still, it feels good where it is. It’s almost like I have a piece of the Moon in my hands. See, that’s what called to me. I am a devoted follower of the Moon. Though I’m an atheist, you could almost say I worship the Moon.
The Moon: Luna, Diana, Selene, whatever you wish to call her, does not change that she is a goddess. For me, She is the giver of wisdom, the representation of grace. She chooses to impart that wisdom by whispering to my heart while I sleep. Unlike the terrible brilliant intensity of the Sun, I can gaze upon the Moon’s soft face, and in doing so communicate all that is in my heart to her, for she listens when no one else will. Even when I cannot see her, she is there. With her, I am never truly alone. I love the Moon.
Would you like to see a few pictures? I have them below.
That last image really resonates with me, because of how the stars below the ring reflect in the Moonstone. For those of you who are wondering, no, Moonstone isn’t actually stone from the Moon. It has the name because of its appearance to the lunar surface. It is actually a type of Feldspar.
So I bought a ring. I hope to wear it often, but we’ll see. If necessary, I’ll put it on a string and keep it next to my heart.

3 thoughts on “The Moon On My Finger

    1. Oops, my response didn’t post, aside from the heart. lol
      Anyway, what I originally replied with was that it has this nice weight to it, too. When I wear it, I feel it, like it could guide my hands if I let it. I wasn’t sure if you loved the Moon as well, but I had an inkling that it may have been so. I know a few people who adore the Moon, a few who are Pagan. Back in high school, I had a Pagan friend who loved to talk about her beliefs. She never did it to convert me, only to share with me how she felt. She brought me very close in terms of opening up to the idea. For a hardcore conservative Christian, that was practically blasphemy, but she just had a way about her.
      What brought us together as friends was our shared love of the Moon. Of course, she was far more well versed in its history and lore than I was, and likely still am. I am one of those who loves to admire from afar, but would love to touch her face someday. Whether that remains a fanciful dream or not, I don’t know, but I am happy to know that you and I, as friends, share a love of the Moon. ♥

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