Nervous Tics

Nervous Tics

I have a number of nervous ticks: I rock back and forth, my eye twitches, I tap my fingers against my leg, I count off on one hand using my fingers, I shake my legs, and so on.
When I get frustrated, annoyed, or stressed (you can guess how often that occurs), I usually find myself engaged in one of those nervous tics. Today a really weird one started happening. My head kind of jerked to the side, and it did it twice. Then, a few minutes later, it did it again, and I panicked. Of course, that set off an anxiety attack, and since I have had only 4 hours of sleep since yesterday morning (it is currently 6:16 AM), the anxiety is being compounded by the exhaustion.
I’m really worried that I’m approaching another nervous breakdown. I’ve had several over the years, and I’ve had to power through them each time. I know they’ve done damage, believe me I know, but regardless, this is something I would like to avoid.
I’m getting ready to go to sleep, and I’m hoping that it will take the edge off the fear.

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